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Practice Lab for Spatial Awareness

On a mission to research, design, and transmit immersive practices for collective expansion.


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RÓNG: To Unify

the materiality of things that dissolves and expands.

Rong Place is a holistic participatory art project born in Puglia, Italy in 2020. Our core mission is to dissolve the perceived separation from what is deemed foreign through activation practices that span between yoga, art meditation, and social design.

Established as a no-profit (E.t.s.) in 2021 and winner of a public call (PIN 2021-2022) within the EU Fund for Social Development issued by the Puglia Region, Rong Place engaged associations, groups, and individuals in the prototyping phase. This encompassed experimentation and the fruition of thirty-one creative acts within an empty 14m2 stage room. These practices, as documented, have significantly amplified the capacities for listening, connection, and participants' sense of belonging.


Drawing inspiration from participatory theories, Vipassana meditation and the poetics of the Dialectic of Opposites, it strives to illuminate the significance of embracing emptiness through immersive experiences that enhance spatial and creative awareness. These encounters are guided by a philosophy: the Space-Making policy.

Operating nomadically, Rong Place collaborates with schools, art and wellness centres, retreats, festivals and associations to research, co-design, and facilitate practices of cultural sustainability and attentive care for a more conscious society.​

How to enhance self-awareness in a fast-paced world?

Practice is the way. The empirical experience of emptiness is a medium to enhance self-awareness. The dialogue art-science becomes the engine to activate this process. 


We promote an anthropological reading of public art, combining the expressive arts with collective stage design. All our practices pay attention to three forms of gathering in which the quality of the exchange is the central element of the whole staging: rituals, celebrations, and gifts.

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All photos belong to RP Practice Archive 2020-2023. To learn more about our portfolio and data collection of past projects please fill in the form below. 

Mindful Partnerships 

Rong Place is a nomadic project operating worldwide. We design and co-create with cultural centers, schools, groups and like-minded groups or individuals interested in new sustainable imageries. For more do not hesitate to get in touch by filling the form below. 

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Partnered with 

Vincitore PIN - Iniziativa promossa dalle Politiche Giovanili della Regione Puglia e ARTI finanaziata con risorse FSE - PO Puglia 2014/2020 Azione 8.4 e del Fondo per lo Sviluppo e la Coesione. 
Winner PIN - Initiative promoted by the Youth Policies of the Puglia Region and funded by ESF resources - Puglia 2014/2020 Operational Program Action 8.4 and the Fund for Development and Cohesion.

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