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We produce immersive experiences to stimulate self-awareness through creative learning. 

Rong Place is a participatory project on a mission to make space for the creative dimension of being. We operate at the cross-road between the expressive arts, language meditation, yoga and stage design.



Engelberg, Swizerland

Organic Movement aesthetic 


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IMG_9237 2.HEIC

Activities happen worldwide and are facilitated by groups or individuals in the field of human science: workshops, interviews, performances, and installations happen through intimate and social gatherings.

For RONG PLACE, creative expression is a medium to emancipate individuals from the induced need for consumption and become familiar with the sense of emptiness.



How to enhance self-awareness in a fast-paced world?


By providing learners with the chance to ground, connect and expand their attention. By getting inspired by nature and the power of silence, we learn to value our unique features and respect others. 

The dialogue art-science becomes the engine to activate this process. The approach to gatherings is anthropological, paying attention to three aspects in which the exchange is the central element of the whole staging: rituals, celebrations, and gifts.


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RONG PLACE includes and designs act that highlight the sacredness of the Everyday. It is inspired by the infinite potential of voids to imagine new practices of sustainability; through creative learning experiences with a grammar of use, the policy of SPACEMAKING.

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