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Here is a blank room:
Here is a place at its purest potential 



Per noi l'arte è lo strumento primordiale per potenziare e trasformare persone e società.

Lo facciamo basandoci su forme antropologiche di aggregazione: individuali (rito), sociali (festa) e collettive (dono).

For us art is a universal tool to empower and transform people and society.

We do it by recreating anthropological forms of gatherings: individual (ritual), social (feast) and collective (gift).




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Da Rong Place puoi ritorvare pace e concentrazione, creare e connetterti con te stesso e altri esseri umani intenzionalmente. Le esperienze variano, ma hanno bisogno di un codice per entrare: li chiamiamo atti di impermanenza.

Here you can regain peace and focus, creating or connecting with youself or other human beings, intentionally. Experiences vary, but you need to re-enter a code to enter: we call them acts of impermanence.








Pieces of self, fragments can be reconstructed thanks to conscious practices.

Conscious repetition of action, words or thoughts can help reestablish the sacredness of the Everyday.

Each human being is at the center of one's experience as the most honored one of all.

Reciprocal connection between each human being to work on the quality of human relationships

 Creation of meaning is based on conscious acts in response to what we want, in alignment with our beliefs

 To appreciate reality as it is, because it could not be otherwise

There is no right or wrong but rather just being, evolving and becoming

Vernici la spruzzata
Vernici la spruzzata
Vernici la spruzzata

inspiring references / quotes

The inner void terrifies us. Because If you go into the very heart of being, what you discover is that your worse fear is true: that at heart, way deep down inside, you are nothing and nobody. And we are terrified of that realisation. And here’s what people don’t get. Unless they have the experience. From the perspective of standing outside, the void is terrifying, but when you become the void you realise that it is a space of infinite openness that makes room for everything. This secret hope that there is much more to you that has not been revealed yet, it is true. The secret fear that you are nothing and nobody is also true. Realise how they are both true simultaneously and you are free.”


(Christopher Wallis)

Art is an exercise in intelligence that does not have to deal with Beauty, it is an exercise that will deal with social and political problems as the only horizon of meaning for one’s gesture. 


(Robert I. Levy)

No book can be the last book, because every book always opens up to other books. The true nature of the book is to resemble the sea that opens and does not close. But a school that truly knows how to love the plural universe of languages needs teachers able to dig voids more than filling heads, teachers who transform students into seekers of truth, into people animated more by questions than by answers. Just like Socrates 


(m, Recalcati)

"We know far more than what we can tell, yet we almost come to believe that what we can tell is all we know." 

(Yi-fu Tuan)

"When one says that there is no cause and effect, what is meant is that are an incalculable infinity of causes and effects, that in fact each and every thing in all of time and space is related to each and every other thing in time and space. Being so there is no need to proceed in dualistic terms of success and failure, or the beautiful and the ugly ore the good and evil but rather simply to walk on “not wandering”, to quote Meister Eckart: Am I right or doing something wrong?"